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How Paintballing Is More than Just a Physical Exercise

Too many people pass off paintballing as just a fun activity designed to give you a few moments of excitement. However, if you look closely, you will realize that paintballing is just as much mentally demanding as it is physically. Let’s see how.

You Aren’t Just Shooting and Shooting

Yes, when paintballing was introduced to the world, it was all about shooting, shooting, and then some more shooting. Today, you have many versions of the game and they require you to do some critical thinking. For example, the King of the Hill version requires you to be mentally present and quick because you are competing against only one opponent. It will not require as much shooting as elimination does.

You Get to Work on Weaknesses and Strengths

Based on the terrain you are given, you will have to work on your and your opponent’s weaknesses and strengths. Are they faster than you at running? Are you a better climber? Do you have a better aim? You will have to work these things out before you can outplay them and come out as the winner. This will surely require you to sit in some safe corner and do a lot of thinking.

You Get to Be the Leader

Depending on your performance and the type of game you are playing, you could be the leader of your team. For example, if you are playing the Attack and Defend version of the game, you might have to lead your defending or attacking team. That’s when you get to check your leadership qualities.

With all that said, how much fun you will have depends greatly on the paintball center you choose and there is none better than Velocity Paintball in Crawley that offers you some really advanced equipment, a huge playing field, and some really nice looking protective gear.

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